Monday, December 10, 2007

Wait, Wait . . . . Dana Perrino's An Idiot!

Everyone knows the Bush administration's entrance exam for service doesn't require experience, knowledge or competence. The now notorious litmus test for Coalition Provisional Authority hires was about their service to the GOP and their stand on Roe V. Wade - not whether they could point out Iraq on a map.

All this is disgusting - in my opinion it merits impeachment. But when the White House Press Secretary doesn't know what the Cuban Missile Crisis is - that's just priceless. Here's Dana Perrino on NPR's gameshow, "Wait, Wait . . . Don't Tell Me:"

"I had a situation the other day when they said President Putin said that our missile defense program was like the Cuban Missile Crisis. And so I got asked about the Cuban Missile Crisis and I was panicked a little bit because I really know nothing about the Cuban Missile Crisis...I came home and I asked my husband...wasn't that like, the Bay Of Pigs thing? And he said, "Oh, Dana.""

You can't make that shit up. This administration has went so far beyond the realm of imagination - it makes Orwell read like the tedious parts of a Jane Austen novel. I think anyone employed by the White House should be familiar with the COLD WAR NUCLEAR STANDOFF. If she doesn't know that John Adams had a peanut allergy I think we could all identify with her - but this is beyond the pale.