Friday, July 20, 2007

God, Country and King (without the noblesse oblige)

It may sound like a Monty Python sketch - but it's a phrase that appears frequently throughout Morocco: "God, Country and King." I'm not sure of the origins of the phrase, (or if it's officially endorsed) but to a new-comer it seems a less-than-creative medieval throwback attempting to justify and legitimize the 'divine right of kings' and the dominant characteristic of feudalism (a massive and permanent underclass). Most of my sightings of the 'motto' seem to be non-government sponsored (or, at least made to look so) - like when you see "God Bless America" spelled with paper cups shoved into a chain-link fence on an overpass. But like anyone who's seen a 'spontaneous' rally erupt where everyone has matching armbands and coordinated slogans on their signs - I'm always a little suspicious of the motivations and agents behind pro-government displays.

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