Tuesday, August 26, 2008

NYTimes: Israeli Settlements Grow at Double the Rate of Last Year

When US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice found out that Israelis are constructing illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank at twice the rate they were last year (not only in violation of EVERY peace accord ever negotiated but also in violation of the US plan for peace), she said this 'did not advance the cause of peace' and 'ought to be avoided.' That's like telling Robert Mugabe that 'we'd appreciate it if you didn't send death squads into the street to murder supporters of the political opposition' or saying to Bashir (Sudan) 'it would be nice if you would stop ordering your paramilitary troops to plunder, rape and pillage the black Africans in the South.' How about Condi grows a pair of stones and demands that the settlement construction be stopped or we won't send all those new missiles and sensitive technologies to Israel that we just agreed to (which is probably responsible for sparking the Syrian purchase of new, more advanced missiles from Russia). If our leaders won't even stand on the side of justice when an ally abrogates every peace agreement they ever signed, then it's time for new leaders.

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